Holiday season 2020: New name, same advantages

Our RegioRadler busses are now called BikeBuses. The name was changed to have a common term within public transport in the Rhineland-Palatinate. There is also a new website (www.radbusse.de), which can be used to make bookings. Accessing this site will automatically redirect you to the old website (www.regioradler.de). This means that your saved links are still valid. A relaunch of the website is planned for 2021.

Old service, new name

To facilitate navigation and understanding, the R200 service will run under the new name BikeBus Ruwer-Nahe with the service number 200. The BikeBus service Ruwer-Hochwald will run with the service number 222.

More connections, new routes

There are now 4 BikeBusses in the region Sauertal instead of one. The BikeBus services Sauertal, Nimstal, Enztal and Upper Sauertal take over the former BikeBus service Sauertal. These new services will provide up to 7 journeys daily and can transport up to 5 bikes (sorry, no e-bikes) per journey on rear carriers.

One connection, one price

When booking a trip which includes a change in connection on the BikeBus services Enztal, Nimstal and Upper Sauertal, you only have to pay the fare of a single journey. The same goes for all the BikeBus services running along the Moselle. By the way, the fares are still the same: 3 Euros to take your bike on the bus for customers over 14, and 2 Euros for customers under 14. The online booking fees are 2 Euros per 5 bikes. If you book via the phone, there will be an additional service charge of 5 Euros.

Fahrpläne und Tarifübersichten finden Sie auf den Seiten der neuen RadBusse im Sauertal finden Sie unter RadBus Sauertal, RadBus Nimstal, RadBus Enztal und RadBus Oberes Sauertal.