Questions and answers

You have more questions about the RadBuses, which were not mentioned and answered on the website? Maybe you can find an answer in our FAQs here.

How much is a journey on the RadBuse?

The fare is determined by three components:

  1. the cost for your personal ticket,
  2. the cost for the transportation of your bike sowie
  3. when booking in advance on the Internet, there is a reservation fee of 2.00 Euro for five booked bike spaces.

Due to technical reasons it is only possible to pay the fare for your bike and the reservation fee in advance on the Internet. However, you can buy your personal ticket easily from the bus driver.

Please mind the following guidelines concerning your ticket:

  1. Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket:
    The Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket is valid for up to five persons and costs 24.00 Euros for the first person (at the vending machine). Every further person pays five Euros for the bus ticket. This means that five people can travel for only 44.00 Euros. For this fare you can take all buses and trains all day long in Rhineland-Pfalz and in Saarland and partially beyond these regions. This is possible from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. the following day. On weekends and bank holidays, this offer starts at midnight. You can find further information on the area in which this ticket is valid and other rules for transportation for adults and grandparents on www.bahn.de.
  2. Travel pass/ fares of the transportation company:
    For all journeys with the RadBus the fares of the respective transport association are valid. The company fares of the respective transportation company are only valid for journeys which go beyond the boundaries of two transportation associations. The fares which apply in each case can be seen on the websites of the respective RadBus.
  3. Additional bike ticket:
    The fare for a bike ticket remains 3.00 Euros in 2020 for each adult bike and 2.00 Euros for each children’s bike up to and including the age of 14.

 Can I use the RadBus without having made a reservation?

Yes, but you run the risk of not finding any space for your bike and not being able to take the bus. Please mind that all seats might be booked in advance.

 When do I have to make a reservation at the latest?

You can make your reservation up to four hours prior to departure (train line Brohltalbahn – all journeys need to be booked until 12 ó clock the previous day, at the Lahntalbahn for rides on Saturday / Sunday until Friday at 14:30 o'clock as well as at week holidays the day before until 14:30 o'clock, if there are still places available) provided that free space is still available. Nevertheless, we recommend booking at an early stage.

 Do I need a printed booking confirmation?

No - it is sufficient if you show the booking confirmation on your smartphone. Of course, a printout of the booking confirmation is accepted, but this is not mandatory.

Can I make a reservation for more than five seats for one group?

Group bookings are accepted by the booking system and charged at 2.00 Euro for five persons when you book on the Internet. If not enough seats are available, the transportation company can possibly organize another bus for large groups. Please contact the respective transportation company directly via e-mail. The address can be found on the information pages of the respective RadBus.

Is it possible to cancel or amend a booking?

We are sorry that it is not possible to cancel or amend a booking which was made via the booking system. The booking system does technically not allow any cancellation/change of reservation.

The decision to exclude a cancellation option was taken in the interest of all users: It is designed to avoid "hoarding " or "good weather reservations". If cancellations were possible, many people might decide not to use their booking in case of bad weather.

Is it possible to make a reservation from abroad?

This is possible when you use a credit card for the payment of your reservation and Giropay, PayPal and direct debit (from the Netherlands).

Is it possible to make a reservation via telephone?

As an alternative to online banking you can also make your reservation via telephone under 01805 723 287 or 01805 RADBUS (14 cent per minute from the landline, a maximum of 42 cent per minute from the mobile network) up to four hours prior to departure. The reservation for your bike space costs additionally 5.00 euro service charge per reservation. As with the online reservation, in addition to the reservation fee, additional costs for bicycle transport and passenger transport are due.

My computer crashed while booking – has the booking been made or not?

The booking has been made as soon as it is shown on the display. If your computer crashes after submitting your binding booking, your reservation might have been processed nonetheless. If this happens, please call the respective transportation company. This company can confirm your reservation and tell you your reservation number. You can find the contact on the informatiorn page of the chosen RadBus.

Printing the reservation was not possible. Is my reservation not valid anymore?

If you could not print your reservation due to technical reasons, write down the reservation number and take this number with you on the bus and show it to the driver.

Does the online reservation count as my ticket?

The online reservation can only be used as a ticket for the booked bikes, but not for you personally. You also need an additional ticket for every person who wants to use the bus. The ticket can be bought e.g. prior to departure on the bus.

What counts as a children’s bike?

Bikes that are used by children up to and including the age of 14 count as children’s bikes – no matter which size they are. All other bikes count as bikes for adults.

Who is liable for bike damages accoured to the transport?

If bicycles are transported on trailers / rear load carriers, the transport company is liable for damages only if you can prove that the damage occurred during transport. It is best to photograph your bike before it is loaded.

Can I bring tandems, recumbent bikes or fatbikes?

Tandems and recumbent bikes cannot be transported due to their size. Fatbikes and bikes with plus tires (over 2 inches) can not be mounted on the trailer due to their tire size.

Can I also transport electric bicycles?

Due to the growing popularity of pedelecs they can also be transported this summer. With exceptions: It is not possible to transport an electric bicycle in the RadBus Ruwer-Nahe between Trier and Türkismühle. If you want to take a eletric bicycle with you, please reserve the RadBus Ruwer-Hochwald which is going at the weekend, as well as on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and during the summer holidays in Rheinland-Pfalz. In addition to that it is not possible to transport eletric bicycles in RadBus Obere Mittelmosel, RadBus Mittelmosel and RadBus Untere Mittelmosel. You can go with the RadBus Moseltal instead, which is going on the weekend, on public holidays and as well during the summer holiday each day in Rheinland-Pfalz between Trier and Bernkastel-Kues. Please remove the battery and other additional items from the bikes for a smooth loading and unloading. Please also read the transportation guidelines.

Do saddlebags, lamps, speedometers or bike baskets pose a problem?

In order to have a smooth and fast loading and unloading of the bikes at the bus stops, we ask you to remove loose equipment before departure (e.g. saddlebags, lamps or speedometers).

Due to the design of some bike trailers major problems can occur if your bike is equipped with a bike basket on the handlebars. The basket can become entangled with the handlebars of the bike stored poosite so that your bike cannot be loaded properly. Please remove bike baskets from the handlebars prior to departure. Please also read the  transportation guidelines.

Is it possible to take a child transporter with me?

The child transporter must be collapsible so that it can be stored like a piece of luggage. A child transporter can only be transported if space is available.

Please mind: Wheelchair users or parents with perambulators can take the bus on a privileged basis, so seats on the RadBuses are severely limited.

Does a folding bike count as a piece of luggage or as a bike?

A folding bike counts like a piece of luggage and can only be transported if space is available. In order to safeguard the transportation beforehand we recommend you to make a reservation and to take the folding bike with you as a normal bike.

Is further information on cycle paths along the RadBusses available?

You can download the bike adventure map, which you can find in the section " Downloads" you can also find all bus timetables and a general map and a description of the cycle paths along the RadBus.

You can find extensive information on the cycle paths in Rhineland-Pfalz including a route planner on www.radwanderland.de.

Can I go to other stops along the route?

You can also enter the RadBus at a later stop. However, your reservation will be forfeited, as the bus driver may drop the seats to other passengers at the booked stop at non-arrival times. It may be that there are not enough seats available. If there are still enough places available, you can make your booking without having to pay the bicycles again.

Whom can I contact if I have questions, criticism, suggestions or problems?

You can contact us when having questions, criticism, suggestions (e.g. missing questions in this section) or problems. You can find the contact on the information page of the chosen RadBus.

Does the guest ticket have any advantages in the VRM-area?

Yes. Holders of a VRM-guest ticket (VRM is the transportation association Rhine-Mosel) can take all busses and trains of the public passenger transport for free in the VRM-area. Furthermore you can use the bike buses RadBus BurgenBus, Moseltal, Hunsrück, Untermosel, Nettetal and Vulkaneifel. For a trip on the RadBus you only have to pay the bike transpoartation fees if you do not leave the VRM-area. You receive the guest ticket if you spend your holidays in a guesthouse, a hotel, a holiday home or on a camping ground in the VRM-area. Your host needs to participate in the program for guest tickets. The transportation association Rhine-Mosel provides you with more information if needed.

When do I need to be at the bus stop?

Please be at the departure stop punctually, especially when travelling in a large group. Delays can be avoided if every person is punctual.

Can I take an earlier or later bus on the same day with my booked bike-ticket?

Yes, even if there is no entitlement to take it with you (for example, if all seats on the trailer are already occupied). The reservation will be forfeited, but the bike tickets will remain valid on the given day.

Can I take my dog with me?

Yes, you can bring your dog with but it is not allowed to sit them on the chairs. Please buy a discounted ticket directly at the bus driver.