Taking pedelecs and e-bikes

Pedelecs and e-bikes are becoming more and more popular and they can be transported by the trailers of the RadBusse buses. With this exceptions: RadBus Ruwer-Nahe (Linie 200), RadBus Obere Mittelmosel (Linie 220), RadBus Mittelmosel (Linie 330) and RadBus Untere Mittelmosel (Linie 360), as well as RadBus Sauertal (Linie 260), RadBus Nimstal (Linie 420), RadBus Enztal (Linie 423) and RadBus Oberes Sauertal - these busses are not able to transport pedelecs or e-bike.

Transporting pedelecs and e-bikes means more work for the bus drivers, so we ask our customers to mind the following points. This way you can help the driver to minimize the increased workload when loading the bikes.

 How can I make loading easier?

Simply take off the battery and any other removable items such as basket and bags. This makes loading easier and faster.

 Are there additional costs for taking a pedelec or an e-bike?

No. The prices in 2019 are: 3 euros per adult bike and 2 euros per child bike (up to 14 years). There is an additional booking charge of 2 euros per 5 bikes.

Do I need to mention that I have an e-bike or a pedelec during booking?

No, there is no distinction between a normal bike and a pedelec or e-bike during booking.

What can I do if I have further questions?

If you have further questions about taking an e-bike or a pedelec, contact the appropriate operating company. The contact data can be found on the RadBusse web page.