RadBus Hunsrück-Mosel

Enjoy the beautiful landscape between Kastellaun and Hatzenport on two bike paths, the Schinderhannes bike path (Kastellaun – Emmelshausen) and the bake path Undermosel (Emmelshausen – Moselle). Both bike paths offer easy cycling which means you can focus on the beautiful scenery. It is also possible to cycle only part of the way and use the bike bus Hunsrück-Mosel to cover the rest of the distance. If you prefer a relaxing downhill cruise to the Moselle, make Emmelshausen your starting point and when you have reached the Moselle, the RadBus will take you uphill to Emmelshausen again, saving you the climb.

From Monday to Friday, the bike bus between Emmelshausen and Hatzenport runs times a day. On Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays, it runs at least five times a day. Up to 24 bikes can be transported on the bus. In Hatzenport, it is possible to catch a train running alongside the Moselle. In Emmelshausen, it is possible to change to the Hunsrückbahn which runs to the Rhine.

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Ihr Ansprechpartner zum Fahrplan: 

KVG Zickenheiner GmbH
Tel. 0261 / 29635869
E-Mail: service(at)zickenheiner(dot)de


Ihr Ansprechpartner zu Tickets & Tarifen:

Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel GmbH
Tel. 08005 / 986986 (kostenfrei)
E-Mail: info(at)vrminfo(dot)de


Ihr Ansprechpartner für Ausflüge & Übernachtungen:

Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH
Tel. 06543 / 50770-0
E-Mail: info(at)hunsrücktouristik(dot)de



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