Vulkan-Expreß (Schmalspurbahn)

The railway line Vulkan Expreß offers two different kinds of adventure: On the one hand an enjoyable train ride and on the other hand it can also transport your bike from the Rhine to Engeln – covering 400 metres of difference in altitude. You have a direct connection to the cycle path Brohltal there. Another possibility is riding your bike down towards the Rhine again after some refreshments and enjoying the headwind.

You can also cover long distances with a journey on the Brohltahlbahn, for example from Engeln via Mayen and Mending back to the Rhine to Andernach and alongside the Rhine Cycle Path back to Brohl. You can reach the railway line Vulkan-Expreß by train in Brohl along the Rhine railway route Köln – Koblenz.

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